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 [Mod]Zalbag's Application

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PostSubject: [Mod]Zalbag's Application   [Mod]Zalbag's Application Icon_minitimeTue Mar 03, 2009 12:01 am

===General Information===
Name : Matt (Zalbag, Ramza)
Age : 15
Timezone : GMT-6:00 (Central Time for U.S and Canada)
Experience : Active in forum, been a Mod before
Sex : male
Contact : email and
Time willing to dedicate to forum : 1-2 hours a night minimum. Time me if you like
Contribution on our server : Regular player, frequent forum poster since i joined it.

===Game Related===
+Why do you want to become a Mod?
I want to become a Moderator because the forum is a big part of a pivate server, It servers as a means to apply for positions
in the game, but also as a way for friends in-game to stay connected. I want to help make sure it is a safe and entertaining place
for all of it's members.
+What are you looking forward to do in Mod?
Other than what I posted above, I'd like to help out the server by regulating posts and deleting obviously dead threads.
+What do you think about the job "Mod" means?
Well, "Mod" means Moderator, and that implies that you regulate the the forums and threads to make sure people are posting
appropriate threads in the appropriate forums
+What do you think the qualities are to be a Good Mod?
I think the most important quality of a Mod is to be fair. Don't delete posts because you don't agree with them. For example, if someone posted "the Packers are Great" in the off-topic forum, I can't delete it just because i'm a Vikings fan.
+If you broke a rule, what punishment do you deserve?
Well, If I were to break a rule, like harrasing someone on the forums or favortism, I would say you would have to demote me. i wouldn't
break the rules though.
+If your friend is caught harrassing, what will you do?
First thing I would do would be to inform Dan, next I would delete the post and apologize to the victim, and ask Dan what I should do
about the agressor.
+How will you deal with harrassors?
I would do the same thing I did with my friend. I don't play favorites.
+When did you join the Forum?
I joined the forum on Febuary 28th, 2009. In all fairness, Mnmetal (My brother) downloaded this server and I didn't know there was
a forum until it appeared in my history.
+Will you get on the forums longer if you became a Mod?
I would definately get on the forum longer if I was Mod, I have to do my job after all.
+Have you VOTED?
I have voted every day since I joined this server. I joined Febuary 25th or 26th i think.
+Are you Lying on this application?
No, but what does that mean? Who says yes?
+When I tell you to get on, will you get on?
Yea my msn is up when ever my computer is running (all the time) so just message me on that.
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[Mod]Zalbag's Application
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